About the Surface Collective

Redefining the wall- Helping you think outside the canvas! Our line of removable wall decals allows you to redecorate your space in the blink of an eye, without breaking your budget! Check out our collection of removable wall tattoos at http://www.surfacecollective.com, we’re passionate about transforming the way the world looks at walls. The purpose of our work is to bring inspirational graphic design into the homes & businesses of the masses, one customer at a time. Based in Vancouver, BC, Surface Collective http://www.surfacecollective.com serves residential, retail and commercial clients worldwide with our product & service offerings. We specialize in creating custom graphics in an adhesive vinyl format that, at first and sometime second glance, are often mistaken for painted murals. The result of our creative effort is a union of contemporary graphics with a versatile material that has unlimited application potential. Our work is installed in retail stores, display suites, corporate & commercial firms, medical clinics, hair salons and private residences across the continent. Our talented design team can bring to life anything the mind can envision.



One Response to “About the Surface Collective”

  1. I absolutely love, love, love your designs. Other companies pale in comparison to your artistry, workmanship, designs and ease of use. Bought two of your graphic designs and I love it, so do all my friends and family! thank you…

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