Art, Design & Controversy- the Calgary Peace Bridge

Calgary’s City Hall released Spanish-born architect Santiago Calatrava’s design for Calgary’s  downtown pedestrian bridge yesterday. Scheduled to open in Fall 2010, The Peace Bridge,  a red and white helix that  will span the Bow River and connect the North shore to the downtown,will make it easy for Calgarians to commute to the city on  foot or by bike. While it is agreed by all to be a spectacular design feat, the city has been criticized for choosing a Spanish born architect over a local designer.  peacebridge

So it begets the question,  should municipalities and local governments lend more weight to local talent over that of international submissions when it comes to large scale and large dollar industrial projects? Or is it a matter setting aside nationalism for the sake of  the aesthetic environmentalism?


The projected cost of the bridge is $24.5 million, a hefty price by any standard in today’s economy. This sum could lend a significant ROI to the Calgary economy, were the project granted to a local firm, and serve the community on many levels.

peacebridge3What do you think?


~ by surfacecollective on August 17, 2009.

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