Art at its finest

So I stopped by the Toronto Outdoor At Exhibit this past weekend at Nathan Phillips Square- to suss out the competition and see first hand what Torontonians consider art.  And there is no clear cut answer.  Art is really in the eye of the beholder. I saw everything from textured painting to framed cartoon drawings and sketch art on crumpled paper- all ranging in price well into 3 figures.  Decorating one’s space is such a personal process,  and must be tailored to suit the eye, the heart and the space of the buyer. That being said, when I considered the impact and presence of our designs for the price,  Surface Collective far outweighed a large portion of the wall art pieces that I saw. While the artists’ canvases were for the most part interesting, it’s doubtful you’d get the same jaw dropping reaction as you would with one of our wall tattoos.  But there is a time and space for everythig, and I hope you find both for our line of wall tattoos.



~ by surfacecollective on July 13, 2009.

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